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Before we set out to know more about The Chicken Wagon, you need to know the origins of the mother company – “Chillibreeze”

In 2004, my family traveled from the big city of Bangalore to the remote city of Shillong in Northeast India to explore the potential of the region. After a question and answer presentation at St. Anthony's College, the students responded, "YES, we would love to see a new company in our area". With hope in their eyes, they said, "We want opportunities like the rest of India!"

Their enthusiasm to release the potential of the people of Northeast India was one spark that lead to starting up Chillibreeze in Shillong.

Ralph Budelman.


Let the Chicken Wagon handle your catering for your next event.

Be it a workplace catering, concerts and music festivals, professional meets, private parties, food truck on campus, The Chicken Wagon is all in to surprise you.

Check out what customers have to say about us

My father never drinks juice. He said they are too sweet and fake but he loves the lemon juice I bought for him. He told me its the most fresh and satisfying juice he has tasted. Thank you guys...Keep it up!!!
— Bada Marwein

Everything is so awesome esp. the lemon mint juice n that chicken... loved it. Apart from all this, quick service which is one thing i liked most. Thank you.
— Iaia

It’s one of the best service. Sweet mint drink is awesome. Love it. I would recommend it to everyone.
— Patricia

Work Is Hard but Fun for Those Who Wants
to Make a Difference

We are grateful to be able to support our families but there is more. We gain the
deep satisfaction that comes as we work together for something important.
Our thought become less about me - to more about we.

Many of us have discovered that there is nothing better than releasing the
potential of others. As we work together to serve customers and team mates
we gain more purpose.
We realise that diligent work releases our potential and can benefit those around us. 

The journey becomes the joy.

Menu for The Chicken Wagon

Today’s Special


Asian Chicken Combo

Baked Chicken Wings with Asian Sauce + Pickled Cucumber + Juice


Asian Chicken

Baked Chicken Wings with Asian Sauce


BBQ Chicken Burger

Pulled Chicken with Caramelized Onion + Mash Potato + Juice


BBQ Chicken Burger

Pulled Chicken with Caramelized Onion

Our Regulars


Chicken Strips Combo

3pcs Chicken + Fries + Juice + Dipping Sauce

Chicken Strips

4pcs Chicken + Dipping Sauce

Chicken with Bones Combo

2pcs Chicken + Fries + Juice + Dipping Sauce

Chicken with Bones Only

2pcs Chicken + Dipping Sauce


Potato Fries

Dipping sauce and seasoned with our very own spices


Lemongrass with Ginger Tea - ₹50


Potato Chips

Seasoned with our very own spices


Sohiong Juice


Chicken with Buns Combo (Tuesday Special) - ₹200

Chicken with Buns + Chips + Juice + Seasonings


Lemon with Mint Juice

Here’s how you can find us!

The Chicken Wagon truck will be parked today at Golflink, on the banks of the road that leads to Mawlai Mawroh,
from 12pm to 7pm.