Chicken Wagon Catering Services - Service + Taste Guranteed!

The Chicken Wagon Catering brings fried foods to your door steps!

Chicken Wagon’s food, spiced and seasoned with produce from local farmers will elevate your fried foods experience from good to a super yummy!

Chicken Wagon catering provides an array of food fries. Whether you desire a different variety of fried chicken, or local fries with different dipping sauces and flavored seasonings. To top the list, is the choice of seasonal and natural fresh juices.

Catering for any Event

Workplace Catering – How about celebrating a company milestone or appreciating your employees? Engage, retain and show everyone on the team how valued they are.

Food Truck on Campus – Bring Chicken Wagon to your school or college or university. Share love and care for your faculty and students by treating them to snacks that are in!

Professional Meets – After a long day of brainstorming, talking and networking – your partners, clients will love bonding over a delicious snack meal from Chicken Wagon.

Arena Concerts and Music Festivals – “Music is never complete without food”. We will cater and help you be successful.

Private Parties – Anyone’s birthday or graduation or anniversary is round the corner? The presence of the Chicken Wagon will make your party more memorable and unforgettable.