12 years later, The Chicken Wagon was born:

Seeing the need for something new besides the decade long preferred cuisine, the need for fresh appetizing food and most importantly, building a sense of entrepreneurism in the local community, THE CHICKEN WAGON was born to bridge all of them.

Started in the late months of 2017, THE CHICKEN WAGON set up sale at one of the most privileged sites of the city – The Shillong Golf Course.

This daring journey did not take long for the local people to accept it. Within a few months, THE CHICKEN WAGON saw customers from across the region.

Our Guests visit THE CHICKEN WAGON not just because it is trending. They do so because it is known for serving high-quality and exceptional taste at affordable prices. Our commitment at providing fresh food, sourced locally from our Farmers, whom we call our friends, is what will define our brand in the many years to come.

But, what is so great about The Chicken Wagon?

Advocating the agricultural potential of Meghalaya and the need to build up the farmers community, The Chicken Wagon prides itself by sourcing almost all their items from the farmers of Meghalaya and with a passion to serve the ‘customer first’, we strive to offer a relishing and sumptuous experience at The Chicken Wagon!

Our focus is on creating excellence and selling an experience. So, If you’re ready to be a part of this experience, we invite you to join us on this journey.