Northeast India was remote, isolated and behind the rest of India in 2005. Few were willing to risk of
investing in a troubled area. The result was high unemployment and disappointment. Then a tiny
company decided to raise up local people and create a company.


Slowly a team formed. They started serving global customers but each advance was met with challenges.
They were swimming upstream in a region not used to change. Companies
and outsiders were viewed with caution. 
Yet this startup persevered with a vision to create prosperity and purpose.


A few customers near Seattle in the USA trusted this determined little company and they told others. One day, Microsoft decided to try their services and they grew to value them. Trust in the reliability of this
unique company grew. Over time, others  trusted.

With growth came more challenges. The idea that a company could release the potential of
people was still too new in the region but the company took each challenge as opportunity to get better.
They worked diligently.


The hard work began to pay off as parents, families and others saw the trans-formative power of diligent work. People no longer looked at work as only a job to make money but an opportunity for learning, growth and maturity. Parents could see their previously unemployed children gain new purpose, confidence and hope.

As leaders  emerged many were  proud that this company was run and lead by locals.
Prosperity spread and trust and confidence  grew.


For 10 years they prospered. Then they decided to do something risky. Using their profits they set off to open a new unit that would open markets for local farmers.
Zizira was born.



Zizira started with a quest to release the potential of farmers. Farming in NE India is still traditional.
Small family farmers grow enough to eat. Some sell in local markets or to middle men. Now because of ecommerce and Zizira customers in Bangalore now enjoy pure products from Northeast India.

Farmers  grow higher value crops and get a fair price while adventurous food lovers, chefs and housewives across India  now get great food and hard to find spices.



Unfortunately reality hit. The remote location
caused shipments to get delayed and bottles to break. Money was lost.  Something new was needed,
something local, supporting the farmers, at the same time selling a popular product.  




Selling food and sauces from the Chicken Wagon became the priority. Local spices flavour the food on
our Menu and make it that much more special.

 The team still treks across rivers and into remote villages to discover
wild coffee, ancient grains, exotic fruit, traditional medicinal plants to turn them into
healthy products and make them available anywhere in India through the Zizira eStore

The long term goal is to promote entrepreneurship, strengthen family farms, prevent dependency, protect the environment for future generations AND create great products so customers get to enjoy the taste and purity of Northeast India

This is a long term project. Farmers will no longer be cut off from markets. We will
help to make farmers famous.