Are you Diligent, Passionate about Food and Serving Customer? 

We are looking for candidates who are excited about customer service and will go out of the way to make sure that a customer is satisfied with the purchase. 

To become a part of the Chicken Wagon, you should be:

  • Dependable and Predictable. You should be available to customers and willing to work on holidays or on events that the Chicken Wagon has to attend. We require you to be available when there is a need to work overtime.

  • You should be reliable and punctual.

  • Capable of working as a team. You should be capable of communicating with our customers and the team with clarity.

  • You should be responsible for your success and the success of The Wagon. Do whatever it takes to ensure your growth through self-learning and initiate new ideas without being asked or told.

  • Taking initiatives and being proactive - You are expected to manage tasks and responsibility with little or no supervision.

  • Versatile, flexible and adapt to any changes when and required with new responsibilities and existing responsibilities.

What do we do?

Working as a team is the key to success. As a team, we innovate and question ideas and thoughts, with the intent to generate the best plan before execution. The only way this can happen is if we genuinely care about our business and have the curiosity to learn and grow.

We are customer-centric.  We are honest, enthusiastic and we improve with the willingness to learn from each experience. We are attentive and responsive to our customers. We anticipate our customer’s needs. 

We take orders and serve each customer with care and love. 

Being part of The Chicken Wagon, we are on our feet for long periods of time. 

Who we are?

As team members, each of us holds ourselves accountable for the responsibilities we have. We work as a team to plan and budget our business. We ensure that customers are satisfied with our service. We respond to each of our customer's preferences and complaints and make sure we address them. 

We endeavour to add value to the work of our team members and all the people we meet on the course of our work.


How are we different? 

We started a #HALTRASH initiative, where we give back to the environment through cleaning drives and to create awareness on putting a HALT on indiscriminate waste disposal.