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We are looking for a Digital Marketer

A person who can independently come up with ideas and create creative content. Someone who is conscious of the trends and always looking for new challenges and improvements and is an ideal team player.

What will you do? 

  • Building up of a community in various social media platforms but not limited to Facebook and Instagram etc. 

  • Manage all social media platforms and understand each platform in-depth and what is required of each.

  • Engaging audience with interesting posts to publish on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.  

  • Organising, creating content, messages, creative (videos and banners) and daily posts.

  • Manage and create ads in away that unifies the brand and creates exposure to products, events, and services.

  • Creating data and analysis reports on social media activities to show progress and communicate insights, come up with solutions/recommendations. 

What is expected of you?

Your core role as a digital marketer executive is to support the team, working proactively to meet your deadlines and to work as an organised multi-tasker.

You need a lot of passion, outside and inside the box, a creative thinking and strategic mind to be smooth in this particular role.

Alignment to Company Vision – Learning and understanding about the company’s vision and believing in its vision. The ability to express, communicate authentically and passionately with others through our brands with Internet Marketing.

Up-to-date – Be up to date with any social media trends, strategies and research.

What is your career growth in this role?

There is a diverse range of opportunities as a digital marketer. Its potential, as a tool to influence people’s opinion, like never before. Moreover, if you look at the growth in this platform; it’s just unthinkable with vast learning and experiences which is a demand in today's business world.

Digital Marketer is a creative role, there are always new platforms and changes coming up and it's an exciting challenge. It provides a platform and bridge the gap between communities and brands, whether it be through unconventional methods, great content or powerful social media influencer.

Note: Candidates with a technical educational background who have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script and more would have an additional advantage.